APC Information Systems Services

APC provides diverse services for modern organizations - from Web design, Web development, and Internet marketing to system automation and security auditing. APC can provide single services or a package designed for the needs of your organization.

Web Design & Web Development

From the start, APC has designed and developed dynamic, database driven, power Web sites and software with elegant, intuitive interfaces. Our Web applications are designed to be fast, secure, and elegantly representing the client's business or organization. Secure content management systems are provided to put the controls into the hands of the owners and authorized system managers for easy updating and content creation.

Social Media & Internet Marketing

Social media and Internet marketing is essential for businesses and organizations of any size. Your message and brand must be put before the eyes and ears of potential customers in a tactful, respectful, yet targeted way. Paid search ads, Facebook ads, email marketing, and press releases can all be leveraged and tracked for lead generation.

Search Engine Optimization

APC has been optimizing Web applications for search engines since 2005. With a long track record of success, APC knows what search engines are looking for to bring up Web sites in organic search results and bring your site in front of potential customers.

Database Management

APC develops and manages database systems to be reliable, secure, and scalable. Databases may use cloud resources or be operated and managed in an on premises data center, depending on the goals and structure of the client.

IT Infrastructure & Network Administration

The physical foundation of information system is the hardware, network, and physical space the hardware occupies. On premises, physical systems and networks are designed, constructed, and managed to match purpose and load while following business goals and budgets.

Cloud Computing

Modern information systems are migrating to the cloud. APC has been at the forefront of this migration, and is actively transitioning clients to robust, scalable, and affordable cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. The cloud can be leveraged for disaster recovery, partial system solutions, or a complete cloud solution.

Automated Information Systems

APC specializes in creating custom, automated information systems - secure, reliable, and scalable to match business objectives and growth targets. We work with your specific needs to tailor our products and services to your use.

Enterprise Resource Planning

APC designs and creates process management software to automate and streamline business workflows, product development, sales, marketing, manufacturing processes, and more. Creating integrated systems which unites the business and keeps all the gears working together smoothly reduces costs and creates efficiency.

Customer Relationship Management

Staying in tune and in touch with customers is critical for businesses to grow and thrive. APC provides solutions for you to understand the specific needs of your customers and their engagement with your business.

Business Continuity Planning

Proper business continuity planning is required under certain laws and regulations, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Secure information systems eliminate single points of failure and are resilient during disasters. Planning for disasters and having the proper procedures, training, and personnel in place to handle a disaster and recovery and continue operations is required for many businesses today.

Incident Response Planning

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and other industry standards require incident response planning. Formal documentation and procedures must be established for organizations which handle card holder data (CHD). Having the right documents, plans, and procedures in place not only makes good business sense, it is often a requirement.

Data Loss Prevention

Secure information systems are designed with data loss prevention systems. Insider threats are real and system failures are common. Backup systems must be in place to provide organizational stake holders and business owners with peace of mind about their data.

Security Risk Assessments

Whether the organization is large or small, security risks must be evaluated and measured against budgets, goals, and organizational strategies. APC has the experience and expertise to evaluate information systems and provide a high quality risk assessment with recommendations and steps to prioritize and mitigate information security risks.

Disaster Recovery

APC has developed many disaster recovery systems for businesses to be able to recover from various worst case scenarios. The ability to quickly recover from a disaster should be automated and part of the design and construction of any secure information system.

System Monitoring & Intrusion Detection

System monitoring tools are a key component of the design of secure information systems. Full transparency into the system processes and resources is available, along with the detection of intruders or undesirable system activity.

Intrusion Prevention & Application Whitelisting

Secure information systems are not completely secure without robust intrusion prevention and application whitelisting services. These services are able to eliminate potential threats and unapproved activity inside critical infrastructure.

Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing

Using powerful tools, scanning software, and known exploits, APC is able to map networks and systems to find vulnerabilities.

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