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APC History

APC was founded in Cambria, California in 2005 by Abraham P. Chaffin to bring high quality, innovative, and secure IT solutions. Since then, APC has developed a wide array of custom tools and systems to automate business processes and streamline workflows using cutting edge technologies.

APC's core mission has always been to provide information systems services and products which are secure and scalable - achieving critical business needs today, while developing for the future. This tenet has translated into producing information systems which are reliable, portable, and affordable.


Listening to customers and understanding their business or organization needs is the start of everything done. Organization and business objectives are matched with innovative information system solutions.

Each customer is received with gratitude, excitement, and humility. Being entrusted with your business and organizational assets is an honor. Integrity, honesty, and reliability are the hallmarks of the APC brand and message. Clients will recognize this while receiving excellent service.

The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information systems and data is paramount to what APC does. Moreover, realizing non-repudiation, control, and utility of information system services and activities for clients is why APC focuses heavily on security. Adherence to security principles, such as defense-in-depth and the two-man rule, means APC understands partnering with others and providing complete transparency must be done to truly serve customers in the most secure and reliable fashion.

Collaboration and partnering with other IT professionals and service providers not only brings security, but also streamlines development and saves money. Whenever in the best interest of the client, existing services and technologies are leveraged and partners are sought for specialized skills, tools, and platforms.

Clients' needs and ultimate satisfaction are why APC is in business. Professional communication and documentation are used to bring accountability and transparency to processes and services. Consistently providing an excellent customer experience will allow APC to grow and prosper into the future.

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